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Pregnant Woman's "Miracle" Rescue

Two ambulances in Prince George's County, Md., were responding to a 911 call Saturday morning when a bystander jumped into the middle of the narrow, winding road to flag them down. He said a car had just crashed into the woods, and he pleaded for their help.

The paramedics, Wesley Auld and Dave Wilson, arrived to find a car upside down, submerged in a murky creek.

Auld and Wilson jumped into the water and found 23-year-old Sade Davis motionless in the car, her head underwater.

As they pulled Davis from the wreckage, they learned she was pregnant.

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Davis didn't have a pulse, so paramedics began CPR. Minutes passed with no response until suddenly Davis coughed and her heart started beating. She was alive but paramedics couldn't tell if her unborn baby could also be saved.

However, Davis said on "The Early Show" from Washington, D.C., her yet unborn son -- due on December 9 -- is doing fine now.

In fact, on the broadcast, Davis said her baby was kicking.

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez remarked, "He's jumping for joy in there."

Davis said paramedics helped her baby survive by slowing her system down. Davis was experiencing strong contractions two minutes apart, brought on by the stress of the crash. However, with the paramedics' treatments, her contractions eventually subsided. Davis said doctors expect a normal delivery.

As for Davis herself, she said she's thankful to be alive.

"It's amazing that they revived me," she said, adding, "I'm so grateful to these guys (the paramedics) forever."

Auld, who found Davis in the car and helped remove her from the wreckage, didn't expect Davis to live. He said the first priority was the unborn baby.

Auld said, "We pretty much all thought let's do what we got to do, and hopefully between all of us we can get the baby to be okay."

However, when Wilson heard Davis cough, he said it was a moment of great relief.

As for Davis, she doesn't remember the accident at all. Her short-term memory is erased leading up to the crash.

"I'm kind of glad I don't remember the accident," she said, "from the pictures, it looks terrible."

But what will Davis tell her son when he's old enough to understand?

Davis said, smiling, "I will tell him that he's definitely a miracle baby, and he's meant to be here, his life is a total blessing, and he should count his blessings at all times just to know how he was saved before he even got here."

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