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Pregnant Hawaii woman missing; car found torched

HONOLULU - Authorities are searching for Carly Scott, a 27-year-old Maui, Hawaii woman, who disappeared Sunday night after meeting with her ex-boyfriend who is the father of her unborn child, reports CBS affiliate KGMB.

Police reportedly found Scott’s SUV torched earlier this week and her sister found clothes that she says Scott was wearing the night she disappeared. The sister told KGMB she discovered the clothes while searching an area around the Hana Highway.

The last person to have seen Scott, 24-year-old Steven Capobianco, told the station he and Scott broke up several years ago but kept in touch and “occasionally hooked up.”  

Carly Scott's car, above, was found torched Morey, Inc. via CBS affiliate KGMB
 On the night of her disappearance, Capobianco says, Scott picked him up at his house at 8p.m. and drove him to his truck which had gotten stuck in Keanae, a community on the island of Maui.

He said he was able to fix his truck and then the two headed back to the community of Haiku, to their separate homes, in separate cars.

“And I’m pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. I’m absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rearview mirror until I got to Twin Falls and then I started speeding up ‘cause I drive a little faster than she does,” Capobianco told the station.

He said he wasn’t aware that she didn’t make it home that night until police knocked on his door the next morning.

Capobianco told the station he was asked by police to take a lie detector test, which they advised him he failed.

"They didn't make me take it again. I'm honestly not convinced I failed, I think they might have just said that as a tactic, but I really don't know I'm walking around right now without handcuffs on," he said.

KGMB reports Scott’s dog was with her the night she allegedly dropped Capobianco off at his car. The dog has since been found.