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<p>Parenting Tips From Jon Gosselin ?</p>

Jon Gosselin on Oct. 13, 2009. (CBS) CBS

NEW YORK (CBS) Clear the bookshelves.

Yet another book on parenting is coming your way, written by none other than reality TV star and father of eight, Jon Gosselin.

Pictures: The Gosselin Family

According to the celeb web site Popeater, Gosselin, whose marriage went up in flames before a TV audience, is writing the book with his life coach Sylvia Lafair .

There is apparently no deadline or publisher yet. But a friend of Gosselin's told the web site that interest in the book is high and Gosselin would like to capitalize on that.

Gosselin's ex-wife, Kate, has written several parenting-type books, including "Eight Little Faces" and "I Just Want You to Know."

And Gosselin's counselor and co-writer is the author of a 2010 business book 'Don't Bring It to Work."

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