Powerball Winners Claim Check

Powerball jackpot winners Frank and Shirley Capaci of Streamwood, Ill., held a Wednesday morning news conference at the store in Pell Lake, Wisc., where they bought the winning ticket.

With a cool check for $104 million, the Capacis are the richest lottery winners in history. Retired steelworker Frank Capaci said it was more money than he would ever need. He and his wife plan to split the money, about $68 million after taxes, with their three children. The couple said they would not squander the money, but invest it wisely.

"My kids and my grandchildren are the ones who are going to benefit, and that's where it stands. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it," Capaci said.

But, Capaci added, the first thing he would do with the money was to safeguard it for his children and his wife.

"The first thing I've got to do is make out a living trust. If I drop dead right now, nobody's gonna get nothing," Capaci said.

The couple from suburban Chicago said they would reward Patty Rooney - the woman who actually bought the ticket for them - and the grocery store where the lucky ticket was purchased.