Potter Trivia's Final Question

The release of the seventh and final "Harry Potter" book is a little over two weeks away, and fans young and old all over the world are reeling with excitement over the 700-plus-page novel that will complete the series.

To help build the anticipation, the books' publisher, Scholastic, released seven trivia questions for fans. All the answers will be in the final book.

The last question, revealed on The Early Show Thursday, July 5, was -- what are the deathly hallows?

Arthur Levine, co-editor of the "Harry Potter" books, says the trivia questions help sustain the excitement surrounding the books.

"The hoopla has been going on for years, a decade," Levine told Early Show weatherman and features reporter Dave Price. "We're part of that excitement. We're wondering about all these questions, too. We wanted to help focus the conversation and be part of all the excitement, with all the readers who are wondering."

On The Early Show on June 25, the second-to-last question, question six, was made public: "Will Voldemort be defeated?"

On June 12 on the show, question five was revealed: "Where are the Horcruxes?"

On May 29 on the show, the fourth question was announced: "Who ends up with whom?"

On May 15 on the show, question three was released: "Will Hogwarts reopen?"

On May 1, Levine announced question two on the show: "Is Snape Good or Evil?" Several children were on hand to discuss it.

The questions, including the first, "Who will live and who will die?" have sparked discussion groups on the Web.

Potter fans can go to the Scholastic Web site to vote for their choice of answers, and read and take part in discussions.

The last Harry Potter book sold 6.9 million copies in the first 24 hours, making it the fastest selling book in United States history and now a whopping 12 million copies of the seventh book are being printed for this country alone.