Pot smokers make it easy on cops, get caught in N.J. police parking lot

Clockwise from top left: Hensley Nunez, Isaias Parrilla, Tamer Abdelrahim and Bernardo Cuevas, all charged after drug arrests that went down at a northern New Jersey police barracks.
New Jersey State Police via CBS New York
(CBS/AP) TOTOWA, N.J. - Some arrests are just easier than others.

Like the one recently made by state troopers in Totowa, N. J., who say they caught several men smoking a the parking lot...of the police barracks.

Police say a trooper setting out for night patrol got wind of some marijuana smoke.

Police say three men initially caught with the drug were waiting for another man who was inside the station picking up paperwork for an impounded car.

He's also charged with drug possession.

Authorities say for some reason, the men didn't expect to see a trooper in the parking lot of the state police barracks.