Pot Belly Pig Controversy

A pet controversy is brewing in Anaheim.

Cher Houston has owned her pet pig, Mu Shu, since it was 4 months old. Mu Shu is now 7 years old and weighs 150 pounds. Due to a city ordinance and a complaining neighbor, Mu Shu may need to find a new home.

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KCBS Reporter Dave Lopez went to find out how Houston is handling this emotional time, as the city decides on the fate of her beloved pet pig.

"It's like having a child...She's like a daughter to me," says Houston.

Most of the neighbors say the pig is no problem. They claim that the pig is "really friendly" and "it doesn't smell at all."

Although most neighbors did not even know a pig lived in the neighborhood, Lopez reports, one unidentified neighbor's complaint spurred on city officials to get involved.

A city ordinance in Anaheim prevents people from owning animals such as pigs as pets.

Currently, Houston is working with the city to figure out a way she could continue to have Mu Shu as her pet.

Reported By KCBS Reporter Dave Lopez