Porcupines: Pennsylvania's public enemy no. 1

Porcupines: Pennsylvania's public enemy no. 1
AP Photo, file

(CBS/AP) HARRISBURG, Pa. - It's time to stick it to the porcupines, according to Pennsylvania hunting regulators.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is poised to declare open season on the slow-moving, razor-sharp rodents on Tuesday, citing complaints of property damage from residents.

Other states allow porcupine hunting. In Pennsylvania, porcupines are listed as a protected species but can be killed by residents if they're causing property damage.

Commission member Dave Putnam tells The Philadelphia Inquirer the proposal would offer residents the clear assurance they can kill troublesome porcupines. He says the animals damage log cabins and have been known to nibble on vehicle brake lines.

Some animal welfare groups question the plan.

One hunter tells The Philadelphia Inquirer he wouldn't consider it sporting. Tom Leete says "you wouldn't so much track a porcupine as bump into it."