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PoolShark Adds Realism to PC Pool

Like those popular golf games on your computer, playing pool games takes some getting used to. You control the shots moving your mouse. Not very realistic, until now. InterAct is out with a controller called PoolShark. InterAct's Aaron Levin says what you get is a real pool cue that you use with a controller that plugs into your PC's USB portÂ….

"We thought we owed it to the public to give them a real experience. Certainly playing pool with just a regular mouse does not do justice and it's the furthest thing from accurate. So with this, it's fun. We bundle it with a great software game called Ultimate 8 Ball from THQ and PoolShark works fabulous with the software."
It works with just about any PC pool game. And the price for the bundle is a bargain. About 29 dollars. PoolShark uses RealFeel technology developed by a company called Miacomet , which has a fishing game controller on the market and realistic devices for computer baseball, golf and snowboarding games are on the way.

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