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Pom-Pom Mom Goes To Extreme

High school is often a complicated chapter of people's lives. As adults, some wonder what it'd be like to go back. As The Early Show correspondent Michele Gielan reports, one 33-year-old Wisconsin woman went so far as to steal her daughter's identity to do just that.

The cheerleading squad at Ashwaubenon High near Green Bay, Wis. Wendy Brown wanted to be part of it all. But at 33, she needed help. So police say she stole her 15-year-old daughter's identity.

Brown tried out for cheerleading during the summer and attended one day of classes - but then, never returned. That raised a red flag and launched an investigation. Soon, truant officers found Wendy --- sitting in the county jail.

"Ms. Brown's criminal history says she's been involved in fraud and deceptive practices across the country for most of her adult life," said Lt. Jody Crocker, an Ashwaubenon Public Safety officer. "It comes to no surprise to us that she was able to pull something like this off."

But a 33-year-old high school student? Did anyone notice anything wrong?

"I thought it was really bizarre," said student Hope Edlebeck. "It's just something you never hear. A 33-year-old going to school."

"She did look a little insignificantly older, but you didn't want to question it," noted student Spencer Corpus. "You just go aw, alright, whatever."

"I can only guess if history repeats itself her motive has something to do with money," Crocker said. "Unless we take it at face value that she wanted to go and relive her childhood. I personally don't buy that."

But apparently teachers and students at the high school did. So it's safe to say this is one for the yearbook.

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