Pollster: "Romney did better than Obama"

(CBS News) The morning after the first presidential debate, Republican pollster and CBS analyst Frank Luntz said on "CBS This Morning" that Mitt Romney's debate performance appealed to undecided voters in three key areas: setting the appropriate tone in the first 90 seconds, using numbers to appear to be using facts and talking about working with the opposite party.

"In all three cases... Mitt Romney did better than Barack Obama," Luntz said.

He added that the last point, bipartisanship, really helped Romney with the few undecided voters remaining. "The person who can work together with Congress and the person who can work across the aisle, that's the person they want to vote for." However, Luntz added, "It may turn off your hard core supporters."

Luntz noted that it is "significant" that Romney did not use the term "middle class" but instead talked about the "middle income."

"Romney's trying to make Obama be the one who's dividing and talking about class warfare," Luntz said. "It was Obama who was more polarizing," he added. 

The pollster said Romney's goal for the debate was to bring the wavering Republicans on board. "[H]e did do that," Luntz said.