Poll: Teens texting friends more over summer

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Teens apparently aren't taking a break from texting during the summer months, according to a recent survey by GOGII, Inc., the maker of textPlus, a mobile social messaging app.

The poll, conducted in June on 944 teens ages 13-17, found a whopping 88 percent of teens say they text everywhere they go, including camp, vacation and even at summer jobs.

Among the teens surveyed, 70 percent said they're keeping up with friends through text messaging - quite a change from the long summer separations kids of generations past experienced. In fact, the poll found 55 percent of teen respondents said they text more frequently with their friends over the summer than during the school year.

And just how much are teens staying in touch? Fifty-three percent of teens said they text more than 51 times a day with their friends.

However, the survey seems to indicate Mom and Dad aren't getting as many texts during the summer, with 72 percent of teens saying they text more frequently with their parents during the school year.

Though the survey doesn't specify why kids are texting parents less, there could be many reasons for fewer messages, including the possibility that teens and their parents could be spending more time together less time with their friends.

What do you think of this poll's results? Do your kids text their friends more in the summer? How often do you text your kids in the summer?