Poll Shows Widening Lead For Clinton In Pennsylvania

A new poll by the American Research Group has Hillary Clinton with a 20-point lead in Pennsylvania over Barack Obama, just over a week before that state's April 22nd primary. Clinton leads in the survey 57 percent to 37 percent and that's a huge turnaround from the ARG poll earlier this month which had the race deadlocked at 45 percent each. According to the poll, Clinton leads among white voters 64 percent to 29 percent. Moreover, 10 percent of respondents in the poll said they would never vote for Clinton in the primary while 24 percent said they would never support Obama.

Polls like this one give Clinton a public relations boost but could be a problem down the road in the expectations game. The heavier a favorite she seems, the bigger the perceived problem should Obama narrow the gap. Twenty points is a very high bar to reach, look for the Clinton camp to be talking a lot about winning narrowly over the next week.