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Poll: Many in U.S. ignorant of July 4th history

As American s celebrate July 4th with barbecues and fireworks, many don't know much about the history behind the holiday, a new Marist poll shows.

According to Marist, "Only 58 percent of residents know that the United States declared its independence in 1776. Twenty-six percent are unsure, and 16 percent mentioned another date."

And the younger the respondent, the less likely he or she was to know

Not only that but, says Marist, "About one in four Americans doesn't know from which country the United States declared its independence. While 76 percent correctly cite Great Britain, 19 percent are unsure, and 5 percent mention another country."

Again, the younger the person answering, the less likely he or she was to be correct.

For complete details on the sobering results, click here.

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