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Poll: Many Americans wary of U.S. role in Iraq

NEW YORK -- Fifty percent of Americans think the U.S. doesn't have a responsibility to do something about the recent violence in Iraq, while fewer - 42 percent -- think the U.S. does, a CBS News/New York Times poll reveals.

More Republicans than Democrats or independents think the U.S. does have such a responsibility, but even 42 percent of Republicans think it's not U.S.'s responsibility.

Still, the percentage that thinks the U.S. has that responsibility is higher than the percentages who thought the U.S. did in other recent international crises, such as those in Ukraine (32 percent) and Syria (26 percent).

Some 41 percent of Americans think President Obama's response to the violence in Iraq has been about right, but 29 percent think he should be doing more (including a majority of Republicans), and 22 percent think he should be doing less.

Some expect repercussions in the U.S. from the violence in Iraq. Forty-four percent think the threat of terrorism against the U.S. will increase as a result of the current strife there, but more - 50 percent -- think it will stay the same as it is now. Most Republicans (60 percent) think the threat will increase, while Democrats and independents are more doubtful.


This poll was conducted by telephone June 20-22, 2014 among 1,009 adults nationwide. Data collection was conducted on behalf of CBS News and The New York Times by SSRS of Media, PA. Phone numbers were dialed from samples of both standard land-line and cell phones. The error due to sampling for results based on the entire sample could be plus or minus three percentage points. The error for subgroups may be higher. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. This poll release conforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls.

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