Political Analysis And Commentary

CBS News provides daily analysis and commentary on the doings at the Democratic National Convention:
Aug. 17: Conventional wisdom has it that Americans just need to get to know "the real Al." Well, guess what? Eric Engberg tells us nobody gives a hoot about the real guys inside the politicians' suits. It's a proven fact of the post-Clinton era.

Aug. 16: Al Gore's choice of Joe Lieberman as his running mate seemed inspired. But now, as Dan Rather notes, there's been some grumbling about Lieberman from party and punditry alike.

Aug. 16: The vice presidency has come a long way since FDR's veep said the post wasn't worth a "warm bucket of spit." CBS News' Eric Engberg looks at how the job has changed.

Aug. 15: The Kennedy family's long reign as America's first political family faces a threat from a rival clan - the Bushes. CBSNews.com's Gary Paul Gates reports on this dynastic challenge.

Aug. 15: Day two of the Democratic convention was capped by "Liberal Night." Jesse Jackson, Bill Bradley and the Kennedy legacy were in the spotlight. But, says CBS News Correspondent Eric Engberg, "Nostalgia Night" would have been more appropriate.

Aug. 15: CBS News Anchor Dan Rather turns a veteran TV newsman's eye on he speaking styles of the Clintons and George W. Bush. The man most in need of practice and pointers, says Rather, is Al Gore.

Aug. 15: You may think Al Gore is so well known he needs no introduction. Gore doesn't agree. The vice president has been introducing himself to the voters again and again and again. CBS News' John Roberts has the story.

Aug. 14: Looks like the Democrats still need to polish their convention stagecraft. In this Reality Check, CBS News Correspondent Eric Engberg reviews the L.A. convention's first night.

Aug. 14: Bill Clinton is slowly - very slowly - riding into the sunset. CBS News Anchor Dan Rather doesn't believe Al Gore will hit his stride until the cowpoke from Arkansas disappears over the horizon.

Aug. 14: Did the entire Clinton presidency take place under a full moon? CBSNews.com's Gary Paul Gates investigates.

Aug. 14: Al Gore's victory lap on his way to the Democratic National Convention in L.A. seems stuck on cruise control. CBS News White House Correspondent John Roberts is traveling with Gore.