Police video shows George Zimmerman shortly after Trayvon Martin shooting

(CBS/AP) SANFORD, Fla. - A security video police say shows neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman being led in handcuffs from a police car after he fatally shot 17-year-old Tryavon Martin is adding to the question of whether the shooting was in self-defense.

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An attorney for Trayvon Martin's family says it's obvious from the video, obtained by ABC News, that George Zimmerman had no injures to his face and head, as the shooter's supporters have said he did. At one point, an officer inspects the back of his head.

Zimmerman told police he fired at Martin in self-defense after the teen attacked him. His attorney, Craig Sonner, has said in multiple interviews that his client's nose was broken during the confrontation with Martin.

Sanford police Sgt. David Morgenstern on Wednesday confirmed that the video is of Zimmerman. The 28-year-old's head and face are visible throughout and he is dressed in a red and black fleece jacket. Police are shown frisking Zimmerman whose hands are handcuffed behind his back, then leading him into a police station.

"This certainly doesn't look like a man who police said had his nose broken and his head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk," Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Martin's family, said in a statement. "George Zimmerman has no apparent injuries in this video, which dramatically contradicts his version of the events of February 26."

In an interview with Fox affiliate WOFL, Robert Zimmerman, father of George Zimmerman, said his son confronted Trayvon because there has been a lot of break-ins in the area. George thought it suspicious that someone would not be walking on the street or the sidewalk on a rainy night, he explained.

Even though a dispatcher told George Zimmerman not to follow Martin, his father said his son continued his pursuit to locate an address to give to police.

"It's my understanding that Trayvon Martin got on top of him and just started beating him," the 64-year-old Robert Zimmerman said.

Robert said after his son confronted Trayvon, the teenager "continued to beat George, and at some point, George pulled his pistol and did what he did."

When asked about the screams for help which were heard on a 911 call, Robert replied, "All of our family, everyone who knows George, knows absolutely that is George screaming. There's no doubt in anyone's mind."

Sonner had said the gash on the back of Zimmerman's head was probably serious enough for stitches, but he waited too long for treatment so the wound was already healing. Miguel Meza, who identified himself as Zimmerman's cousin, said Zimmerman was in "the fight of his life."

Crump called the video "riveting" and "icing on the cake" that Zimmerman should be held accountable for what happened.

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