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Police to re-interview half-brothers of missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin

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(CBS/KCTV) KANASAS CITY, Mo. - Police are planning to re-interview the young half-brothers of missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin police said Wednesday.

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Police say the questioning planned for Friday will be conducted by a child services specialist, reports CBS affiliate KCTV. The interview will be a non-confrontational procedure and they insist this is not an "interrogation."

The brothers, reportedly ages 8 and 5, were in the family's home the night the 10-month-old baby girl disappeared.

According to authorities, Lisa Irwin's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, had to consent to the interview, which is part of why it took so long to arrange to talk to the boys again after the initial questioning. Lisa Irwin was reported missing Oct. 4.

Police say they will take DNA samples from the boys in order to eliminate unknown DNA evidence from items collected inside the family home, KCTV reports.

Police reportedly said lab work done on those items are starting to come back, but will not say how much is left to look at.

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