Police to auction $1.6 million Ferrari in Dubai

Dubai Ferrari auction
Ferrari Enzo, worth $1.6 million, sits in the sun Facebook.com

(CBS News) The most expensive police auction in history is about to take place in Dubai. A selection of seized supercars is going on the block on Wednesday, including a Ferrari Enzo worth roughly $1.6 million. The Enzo, one of only 399 in the world, has been sitting in an outdoor parking lot collecting dust for the past year.

The owner of the Ferrari, one of the fastest road cars ever produced, is reportedly a British citizen who fled Dubai over unpaid traffic fines. In Dubai, being in debt is a crime, and it's not uncommon for expats to leave their luxury goods behind when they leave the country, according to British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Dubai's traffic department director, Major General Mohammed Saif al-Zaffin, said that the limited-edition Ferrari was wanted by Interpol and was seized after sitting in a parking lot for 20 months collecting traffic tickets.

The Enzo is one of 129 cars to be auction by the Arab state's police force, twenty-three of which are hyper-expensive luxury cars like the Enzo. The supercars were each saddled with fines ranging from $26,761 to $27,225.

The majority of cars are owned by companies, only eighteen are individually owned - the Enzo being one of them. Whatever the British owner's crimes that led to this, the real crime is leaving such a sleek driving machine like that baking in the desert sun.