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Police testimony: George Huguely had cuts, scrapes, bruises when arrested in Yeardley Love's death

George Huguely and Yeardley Love
George Huguely and Yeardley Love AP/Daily Progress via Charlottesville Police Department

(CBS/AP) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - A police officer has testified in the murder trial of George Huguely V that the former UVA lacrosse player had scrapes and bruises on his arms and legs when he was arrested. 

Huguely is accused in the May 2010 death of 22-year-old fellow lacrosse player Yeardley Love. The trial is in its second week. 

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Charlottesville patrol officer Jeremy Carper testified Monday and identified the bruises and scrapes on Huguely's arms and legs from photographs taken after Huguely's arrest. The questioning is apparently intended to support the prosecution's claim that Huguely had a violent, final encounter with his on-again, off-girlfriend.

The defense has cast Love's death as an accident.

Monday, the jurors were presented with a stack of papers that contained copies of a letter from Huguely to Love that was found in her desk drawer.

ABC News reports the correspondence was not read aloud in court, so the content of the communication was not revealed to spectators in the courtroom or to the press.

As of Monday, the prosecution has interrogated more than 30 witnesses in a trial that is expected to last at least through this week.

Prosecutors allege that Huguely kicked through the door of Love's bedroom the night she died and shook her, banging her head against the wall, before leaving her. A bloody Love was later found face-down on her bed by a roommate. Her face was covered in scrapes and bruises, according to a police warrant, and her right eye was swollen shut.

The defense has contended that Love's death may have been caused by a fatal combination of Adderall and alcohol that could have stopped her heart. They say jurors should consider Huguely's role in her death as involuntary manslaughter at the most.

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