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Police: Suspect kills man who confronted him about beating up small dog

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- Police are searching for the driver of a black Lexus who is suspected of intentionally hitting and killing a man who reportedly confronted him for beating up a small dog, reports CBS affiliate KUTV.

Jeremy Hardman, 47, was in a car with a co-worker on Wednesday when, according to friends, they pulled over and confronted the suspect about his treatment of the dog.

"There was no way it was an accident, the guy deliberately turned around just to hit him," said Lauren Estes, whose husband was with Hardman before he was hit.

Estes said her husband, Jason Estes, watched Hardman take his last breath as he lay on the sidewalk.

When the confrontation ended, Hardman and Estes reportedly began to head back to their truck, but Hardman stayed behind thinking he dropped something near the intersection.

Police say the suspect got in his black Lexus and drove back toward the intersection and hit Hardman.

The suspect's Lexus is a four-door sedan with a loud exhaust, temporary plates and a spoiler.

The suspect was headed south on 4100 South at a high speed.

Brent Martinez, who said he knew Hardman since they were young boys, said he was heartbroken by his friend's death. He described Hardman as a man with many friends who loved people and animals.

He wants the harshest punishment imposed on his friend's killer when he is found.

"If you have to go after somebody because they embarrassed you because you were beating an animal - you're a pretty bad person," he said.

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