Cops: Son called dad, allegedly confessed to mother's stabbing

A 53-year-old woman was found stabbed to death on Detroit's east side early Thursday morning.

Mike Campbell/WWJ Newsradio 950

DETROIT -- Police are now investigating the murder of a 53-year-old woman who was stabbed to death -- allegedly at the hands of her son -- on Detroit's east side, reports CBS Detroit.

. It was not clear what exactly happened to lead to the attack, reports the station.

"The son was possibly on medication for an illness, and he may not have been taking his medication which could have contributed to his actions," Police Captain Rodney Cox told CBS Detroit.

Cox also told reporters that the 24-year-old son had called his father to confess. The father then reported the crime to the police. The son is currently in police custody, but investigators would not release any further details.

Police had been called to the home in past, Cox said, but he wasn't sure why.

Names of those involved were also not released. Neighbors told the station that the victim worked as a nurse at a local hospital, but she had recently complained about her troubles with her son.

"We are interviewing some of the neighbors to try to get some information, try to find out exactly what happened and what may have contributed to this or led to this," Cox said.

The investigation is ongoing.

According to CBS Detroit, this is the second incident this week in which a woman in Detroit was killed by her son. That station also reports that another 24-year-old man allegedly strangled his 57-year-old stepmother, wrapped her body in a blanket and left her in the basement of her home.

The stepson was later arrested after the body was discovered, reports CBS Detroit.