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Police: Shoplifter hacked off guard's ear

LONGVIEW, Wash. - A shoplifter who was attempting to take a Marilyn Manson CD, a bike inner-tube, a bike lock and a quart of oil lashed out against a security guard who was trying to stop him and cut off his ear with a hatchet, according to police.

Longview police spokesman Officer Chuck Davis told Seattle Weekly that David Morrison, the head of security at a Fred Meyer store in Longview, Wash., was trying to detain an unidentified 31-year-old male who he saw steal four items. That's when the man swung at him with a hatchet, severing Morrison's lower left ear, police said.

KATU said the incident was witnessed by several customers and employees. The suspect walked out of the store with all the items he was accused of taking still in the cart. He fled in a borrowed Honda Accord, which was later found abandoned. Davis told Seattle Weekly that police know the name of the suspect, but are not releasing it yet. They are still trying to apprehend him.

Davis added that Morrison was taken to a local Portland, Oreg. hospital to have emergency plastic surgery to reattach his ear. According to KATU, Morrison was "in good spirits" on the way to the hospital despite his loss.

CBS affiliate KOIN in Portland reported that Morrison is now in good condition.

The suspect will face felony charges, including robbery and assault, according to Seattle Weekly.