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Police shoot "highly aggressive" bull after attacking owner in New Jersey

Raging bull attacks owner in New Jersey
Raging bull attacks owner in New Jersey 00:28

A bull had to be put down in New Jersey on Friday after it attacked its owner, authorities said.

Police in Sparta received multiple reports of an escaped cow approaching cars Friday afternoon on Houses Corner Road, CBS New York reported.

While officers were en route, the animal's owner, Wendy McDermott, called to say it was in fact a bull that had been acting "highly aggressive lately."

When McDermott arrived on scene, the bull started to mount her car. She got the bull to follow her SUV back to her property, but when she got out, the bull attacked her, throwing her to the ground.

An officer distracted the bull long enough for McDermott to get to safety in a patrol car. She suffered cuts and bruises and needed stitches on her head.

Police said the bull was put down after it charged officers.

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