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Police seek selfie-taker after theft following Craigslist encounter

DALY CITY -- Police south of San Francisco were asking for help in finding a woman who took a selfie with an iPad she allegedly stole from someone she met on Craigslist, reports CBS San Francisco.

According to the station, the theft on September 23 happened at the victim's apartment in Dal;y City after the woman met the victim through the "casual encounters" section on Craigslist.

Police said the woman stole several items from the victim, including an iPad, iPhone and Macbook. "While the victim was in another room, the suspect grabbed his iPad and other electronic devices," said Sgt. David Klier.

"Pretty soon afterwards, within the day, she shot a selfie with his iPad," Sgt. Klier continued. "He remotely logged on and captured the image of her selfie."

According to the police, the woman is wanted for the property crimes, but it is still not clear which felony charges she faces.

"It all depends on her intent prior to entering his house," Sgt. Klier said. "If she had the intent to steal ahead of time, it could be burglary. But if it was one of those things where it was spur of the moment, she saw him go into the other room and saw his stuff laying around and decided to take it, then it's more like a grand theft," Sgt. Klier said.

Daly City Police put out a bulletin to the public as well as other law enforcement agencies. They now believe they have a lead in the case, but so far, no arrests, reports the station.

It wasn 't known whether the Find My iPhone app, which can track missing Apple devices, was enabled.

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