Police search for Denver puppy thief

Surveillance video shows alleged puppy thief at the Aquatic Dog pet shop in Denver, Colo.

(CBS) ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Co.- Police are on the hunt for a puppy thief. On Monday, a man broke into the Aquatic Dog pet store and stole three puppies, CBS Denver reports. 

The animals are valued at nearly $3,000 but pet shop owner Sheila Vanderveer says that they are worth much more than that.

"You have to love them a lot," said Vanderveer. "They stole two little sister bugs, Boston Terrier - Pug cross, and a little Yorkie."

Vanderveer is also worried that the puppies will go into hypoglycemic shock if they are not fed properly and given extra care. 

"Low blood sugar," Vanderveer said. 

The puppy-napping, which was all caught on surveillance tape, shows the thief breaking into the pet shop through a window Monday night before stuffing the dogs into his knapsack.

One puppy who was cowering in the corner out of reach from the thief was saved from the theft, CBS Denver reported.