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Police rescue woman trapped in sofa bed for 12 hours

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two San Francisco police officers helped an 84-year-old woman last month out of a sofa bed frame she was stuck in for more than 12 hours, police said last Thursday, CBS San Francisco reports.

Officers McFall and Cuthbertson of the San Francisco Police Department's Richmond Station have befriended the woman and regularly check on her, according to police.

The woman lives alone and has no family nearby, police said.

The two officers brought her dinner on Thanksgiving Day and checked on her again Nov. 27, police said. The woman did not answer the door but the officers heard her calling out to them faintly, according to police.

When the officers were able to get in the house, they found the woman's sofa bed frame had cracked and she had fallen through it, police said.

If not for the officers, she could have been trapped for four days until a home health visit, according to police.

The woman went to a hospital to recover, police said. The next day the officers delivered the woman's glasses, address book and cellphone from her home because no else could get them for her, according to police.