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Police officer in Texas hailed a hero after rescuing drowning man

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A Fort Worth police officer is being hailed a hero after rescuing a drowning man from a lake on the city's southwest side Wednesday, CBS Fort Worth/Dallas KTVT reports.

The officer's patrol car dash camera captured the moment Officer Kellie Whitehead ran towards the water and pulled the drowning victim from Lake Como.

KTVT reports that according to police, on Wednesday, July 1, a witness saw a man walk into the lake. Shortly after the man entered the lake he began screaming for help. When another witness apparently tried to help the victim, they feared they were also in danger of drowning due to the water current and struggling of the victim.

Officials told KTVT that Officer Whitehead was patrolling on the west side of the city when she and two other officers were dispatched to assist the drowning man.

When Officer Whitehead arrived at the lake, she saw the victim screaming for help. According to the report, she immediately removed her gun belt, locked it in her patrol car and then jumped in the lake and swam toward the victim. Much of this can be seen on the dash cam.

The Fort Worth Police Department released the video where Whitehead can be seen removing her shoes and other articles then jumping in the water to save the victim.

Police say she was able to rescue the drowning man by keeping herself and the victim above the water while moving towards shore.

Eventually the Fort Worth Fire Department arrived and helped pull them both to safety.

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