Police: Oakland suspect upset over expulsion

(CBS News) Chilling new details have emerged about the mass shooting at a religious college in Oakland, Calif., that left seven people dead and three wounded on Monday.

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan tells CBS News the suspect, One L. Goh, has told investigators he was expelled from the small, private Oikos University only a couple months ago, and his anger over that expulsion led him to return to the school on Monday with a loaded gun. According to Jordan, Goh says he came back to the Oikos campus with the intention of shooting a female school administrator, but when he couldn't find her, he opened fire essentially at anyone else he could find. No motive, no gun in Oakland shooting

Witnesses say the gunman opened fire in a classroom, telling students to "get in line ... I'm going to kill you all."

Goh, 43, is a former nursing student at the private school, where police say he pulled out a handgun and began shooting - firing at some of the victims from point blank range.

"Officers found several victims throughout the classroom, throughout the building, there were several people hiding behind locked doors, behind desks," said Jordan.

Witnesses say it could have been worse had the gunman been able to get into a second classroom - but a student had locked the door and turned out the lights.

Outside, bodies lay on the grass while SWAT team members combed the building for more victims - even as shots were still being fired.

Art Richards was across the street and captured video on his cell phone in which gunshots can be heard.

"When the shots rang out I got down. Believe that! I wasn't trying to be in, you know, cross fire or none of the above," recalls Richards.

Police say when the shooting ended, Goh stole a car and drove to a nearby Safeway, where he calmly surrendered.

"This is the kind of incident that hurts the whole community," says Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, adding that it will, "leave the community asking questions for a long, long time."

The private Christian school - Oikos University - offers classes in everything from nursing to Asian medicine, and caters largely to the Korean community in Oakland.

Whatever may have led one of its former student to snap, police say up until now, the suspect's record was clean, and Goh remains the only suspect in the shooting.

So far no charges have been filed, and police say it could take several days to piece the whole story together.