Police: N.C. teen Tasered three times for causing a scene in court

Freeman Franklin Payton III

(CBS) SALISBURY, N.C. - A North Carolina teen was shocked by a Taser three separate times in court for causing a scene.

CBS Charlotte reports 19-year-old Freeman Franklin Payton III was Tasered three times Tuesday when he refused to calm down and follow orders during his sentencing for a probation violation.

Payton was reportedly sentenced to 45 days in jail on Tuesday morning for a recent probation violation, and he very clearly disagreed with the ruling.

"Hold up, time out, that's beat up!" he screamed in the courtroom, a Rowan County Sheriff's Office police report said.

Police ordered Payton to go back to his holding cell, but when the teenager refused and continued to scream, a county bailiff shocked him with a Taser, the report said.

After the Taser settled Payton down, he was escorted back to his holding cell. When he refused to empty his pockets and sit on the cell bench, the bailiff shocked him again.

Shortly after the second shocking, Payton again refused to sit down and jumped up and began yelling at police, according to the report. Payton was then shocked by the Taser for a third time.

Jail records indicate that Payton remains in custody.