Police: N.C. murder and kidnapping suspect turns himself into Connecticut police

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(CBS/AP) FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - Authorities say a man on the run for allegedly killing his girlfriend and kidnapping their 22-month-old daughter has turned himself into Connecticut police.

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Debbie Tanna says Alexander Zelaya, 23, was arrested Thursday morning in West Haven, Connecticut after asking a local Walmart employee where the nearest police station was.

ABC affiliate WTNH reports Zelaya was wanted in North Carolina after his girlfriend Miriam Reyes 22, and the mother of his child, was found shot to death in the road in a stolen vehicle near her home on Dec. 27.

A neighbor called police shortly after the shooting to say Zelaya had held him at gunpoint, demanding the keys o his car. The neighbor told law enforcement officials that the suspect had his 2-year-old daughter Juliana Reyes with him, leading police to issue an Amber Alert.

Zelaya and his child headed north and on Wednesday he dropped his daughter off at a Food Lion in Virginia. The girl is now with her grandparents.

On Dec. 29, Zelaya turned himself into West Haven police, telling them that he was afraid officers would kill him because he had left his daughter at what he thought was a truck stop and had murdered someone in North Carolina.

Zelaya is currently being held without bond pending an initial court appearance on charges of first-degree murder.