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Police: Man Used Bombs to Clear Snow

ABINGTON, Mass. - Among the many unpleasantries that can come from living in northern regions is being forced to shovel hundreds of pounds of snow during winter months.

A Massachusetts man found a way around that this winter. According to police, he was blowing up snow banks to avoid shoveling them.

Low J. Powers, 23, of Abington, Mass., has been charged with threats to commit a crime and possession of incendiary devices, reports the Patriot Ledger.

Abington Police Chief David Majenski told the Patriot Ledger his department was tipped off about Powers explosive snow clearing, and they tracked the offender down to a rooming house.

Eventually, Police discovered Powers had "military-grade ammunition and other stuff, including powders of some sort" at his former address, the Patriot Ledger reports. The powder turned out to be an explosive of some kind, and these were the materials he had been using to blow up snow banks, police allege.

After being arrested, Powers had his firearms license revoked, and he surrendered a pistol and a shotgun to police, the Patriot Ledger reports. Powers claims to have gotten his bomb materials at gun shows.