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Heat emergency? Man calls 911 for help with air conditioner

INDIANA, Pa. - Police say a western Pennsylvania man with a penchant for making unnecessary emergency calls recently called 911 to complain of chest pains, just so he could ask medics to help him fix his air conditioner.

Twenty-six-year-old Travis Turner, of Indiana, Pa., was charged Wednesday with obstructing emergency services and disorderly conduct.

Troopers say Turner has called Indiana County 911 dispatchers or the state police 63 times in the last three years for minor or harassing complaints.

In December, they charged him. The complaint was later withdrawn and Turner was warned to stop making such calls.

But police say Turner called 911 again Sunday afternoon. They say when an ambulance arrived, Turner said he didn't really have any medical issues -- but he did need help with his air conditioner.

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