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Police: JetBlue pilot among 6 busted for heroin possession

BOSTON- A JetBlue pilot was one of six adults arrested in a heroin bust over the weekend, reports CBS Boston.

Boston police conducted an undercover drug deal Sunday evening which led to the arrest of John Manwaring, 42, of Maitland, Florida. The man was arrested on a charge of possession of heroin, investigators say.

Manwaring told police after being caught that he was a pilot for JetBlue, which the airline confirmed.

The company sent a statement to CBS Boston:

"We are aware of the allegations and are prepared to cooperate fully with the authorities. The crewmember in question was removed from duty last night pending the outcome of the investigation. In compliance with all FAA and DOT regulations and requirements, JetBlue has in place a rigorous drug testing program for crewmembers that includes a strict "no tolerance" program."

Jennifer Robinson, 31, who was with Manwaring during the drug bust, was also arrested, police say.

Police released the names of the four others arrested. Braulio Valentin, 34, was arrested and charged with distribution of heroin and trespassing; Pedro Davilo, 36, was charged with distribution of heroin and possession of cocaine; Gerardo Puchales, 26, was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine within 1,000 yards of a school and trespassing; and Abraham Ayala-Garcia, 31, was charged with trespassing.

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