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Police dog attacks innocent man at gas station in Indiana

GARY, Ind. -- An innocent man was attacked by a police dog who mistook him for a criminal as he pumped gasoline in Indiana. CBS Chicago reports Antwan Scott now walks with a limp due to the severity of his injuries. 

The incident happened at Golo Gas Station in the city of Gary on Oct. 12. Scott was at a gas pump when he says he saw police cars and heard an officer say, "Hey, you better stop [explicit] running. We [are] about to let the dogs out on you."

That's when Scott says he saw the dog, which immediately latched on to one of his legs.

"He wouldn't let me go," Scott said. "The police officer kept giving him commands to let me go, and the dog wouldn't let me go for nothing."

Scott was eventually dragged to the ground by the dog.

"I was in pain that whole time," he said. "That was the worst pain I ever felt in my life. His teeth was just digging in my skin."

Once Scott was finally free, he says the officers came to his aide.

"Here's the excuse they told me," Scott said. "The suspect ran past my car and the indication is the dog made a mistake."

Scott's attorney, David Novak, is accusing the Gary Police Department of poor training.

"This should not be allowed to happen," Novak said. "Police are trained, the dog is a weapon. It should be trained. They should be able to control their weapon."

Scott, a father of five, has not been able to work since it happened. But he says he is not angry with the police; rather, he agrees with his lawyer that police dogs should undergo improved training.

CBS Chicago is waiting for a response from the Gary Police Department. 

Meanwhile, Scott's attorney continues to investigate the case and says he will file a lawsuit against police on behalf of his client.

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