Police dance-off at London's 2013 Notting Hill Carnival

(CBS News) "Total Policing" -- that's the motto of the Metropolitan Police Service, London's finest. Apparently, the "total" package includes jurisdiction over some sweet dance moves. There is undeniable proof in this case. Check out the evidence in the video above. I rest my case.

The annual two-day Notting Hill Carnival -- Europe's biggest street festival -- just wrapped up in London. Since 1966, it's attracted people from all over the world in the mood to have a good time. And a party that big needs chaperones. Somebody's gotta control the chaos. Enter: The MPS.

But as this lighthearted video posted by YouTube user MOOFBulleh shows, just because you're on duty, doesn't mean you can't shake your booty. These three officers entertain the gathered masses with a friendly dance off, featuring a surprisingly coordinated ending. Now that's how you engage with the community.

Bee-tee-dubs, does the first officer who dances look like Kevin James to you? And, is that second officer twerking? Who do you think is the best dancer of the group? Let us know in the comments below.

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