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Police: Baltimore’s "number one trigger-puller" arrested

BALTIMORE — A man who Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says is linked to at least a dozen murders has been arrested and charged in one death, reports CBS Baltimore.

Calling Montana Barronette the city’s “number one trigger-puller,” Davis said at a press conference that the 21-year was arrested over the weekend and charged with first-degree murder, handgun violations and “other related charges.”

He’s “an absolute poster child for what a repeat offender is in Baltimore City,” Davis said.

Police say he’s a member of the gang Black Guerilla Family. He is charged in connection with the death of Alfonso Williams.

On May 3, 2013, police say a man who they believe is Barronette walked up to Williams and shot him repeatedly. 

Davis said police are still investigating other crimes that they believe Barronette is connected to.

“We are still following up on numerous, numerous cases that we believe Barronette is responsible for. Remember his name,” Davis said. “You’ll hear it again very soon.”

Police were able to bring charges against him as part of the city’s “War Room” strategy, which targets repeat violent offenders.

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