Police: 12-year-old boy's ashes stolen in break-in at parents' Mich. home

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(CBS) WATERFORD, Mich. - A break-in at the home of a Waterford couple resulted in the loss of the ashes of their 12-year-old son who passed away five years ago.

CBS Detroit spoke with David Turnquist about the break-in and tragic theft.

"He didn't want to die and be put in the cold ground, and so [my wife] promised him, 'We'll have you cremated and you'll be with me forever,' and who would have ever thought that that would not be safe in our home," he said.

The ashes were in an ordinary box with the boy's obituary and photos. The ashes were the only thing taken in the break-in sometime between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday.

"My wife, after almost five years has gotten to the point to where she can just about make it through the holidays and his birthday - and now this," said Turnquist. "It's like - what kind of sick individual would be twisted enough to do something like this, and it doesn't matter who it is - I mean you'd have to be pretty darned disturbed - pretty nuts."

Turnquist says he and his wife are mulling over whether to offer a reward for tips in the case. "You did what you did - that's irrelevant - nothing else matters to us at this point we just want Ryan's remains back," added Turnquist.

Anyone with information is asked to call Waterford Township Police at (248) 674-0351.