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Plugging Holes In Their Souls

They say, "If you don't like the blues, you've got a hole in your soul." I want to tell you about some people using the blues to fill some holes.

Mary Feldman works in Charleston, South Carolina. A while back, she noticed school kids hanging around her parking lot because they couldn't maintain an interest in school. What did interest them? Music.

Mary knew of a Chicago program that used the blues to get students to pay their study dues. While Chicago wears a long blues tradition on its sleeves, Mary knew you could use the blues anywhere you choose. She sold the idea, found funding, and that was the birth of the blues for Charleston's schools.

Students must audition, then maintain a set average to remain in the program. They learn to play instruments, sing, write songs, and sell them. There are also dance and photography classes that draw their themes from the music.

Charleston and Chicago aren't alone. They've spread the word nationwide about the help the blues provides in making the sound of study hall a catchy tune.

There seem to be no holes among the souls in the student body.

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