Please don't bring back the word "swag" as slang (and George Watsky agrees with me)

(CBS News) So there's been this resurgence of the term "swag" recently. (Thanks a lot, Bieber...) C'mon, guys! Please don't bring back this outdated and silly form of slang! And I'm not the only one who feels this way. Just ask Internet-favorite George Watsky in his latest music video above. 

Oh, George Watsky, I can always count on you to not only reinforce my own beliefs in language etiquette, but to also provide excellent alternatives. And for that, we here at The Feed would like to take this opportunity to salute you! The fun music video and comedy sketch was done by the good people over at Yahoo!'s Sketchy, who we've featured before for an hilarious anthem to the not-so-young anymore. To check out more from Sketchy, you can visit their website by clicking here.