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Playing The Victim

PLAYING THE VICTIM.... Forget the voters in general, the McCain campaign doesn't even respect its own donors.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sent out a fundraising solicitation today that charged that "the Obama/Biden Democrats have been vicious in their attacks directed toward me, my family and John McCain."I asked spokespeople of the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee just which "Obama/Biden Democrats" they're referring to.

The response I got was that Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski erroneously attacked Palin as a supporter of Pat Buchanan.

That's it. That's the evidence. In other words, they can't name one person affiliated with the Obama-Biden campaign who attacked the Palin family.

But she made the charge anyway, to help raise money.

That's truly pathetic, even by McCain campaign standards.

As it happens, there's only one candidate for national office this year who's been "vicious" in attacking a rival's family. His name is John McCain.

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