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Playing and Paging in Your Palm

It looks like a miniature laptop computer. Motorola's PageWriter 2000X has a flip open top and a tiny keyboard under its LCD display and packs a lot of power...

"The basis of it is that it's got four megs of flash memory which is very large for a handheld device. That allows for a significant increase in the number of software applications that you can install in the device itself."
Motorola's Allan Spiro. It exchanges contact and calendar info with a PC and allows you to send and receive email and messages wirelessly. The PageWriter 2000X has a graphical menu that makes it easier to use than some other two way pagers on the market. The price, about 400 dollars. It can even play some games. But if you really want games in the palm of your hand, check something called the NeoGeo, from long time arcade game maker SNK, where Stacey Sujishi says...

"It's a color, portable, 16 bit handheld. It runs about 146 colors simultaneously." p>
What SNK is doing is shrinking some of its popular arcade titles onto the color NeoGeo...

"We're going to be putting out King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury....all of which have been number one arcade industry hits."
The NeoGeo is priced at under seventy dollars.

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