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Play MP3 Music, Record Voice Notes, Store Contacts

They store digital, compressed music on a chip. No moving parts and they fit easily in your pocket. Diamond's Rio was the first. Creative Labs has its snazzy Nomad that added voice recording capability. Now comes the raveMP from Sensory Science... that lets you take your music with you...and says senior VP Ed a whole lot more...

"We also built in a variety of what we call PDA features. You can use our raveMP to do four hours of very high quality voice recording. It also has the ability to store thousands of telephone numbers and act as your Rolodex. You could also download to it messages. So you can use it as a reminder or memo pad. And also, we've given it the capability of actually acting as just a back-up of your computer."
You can use the 64 megabytes to store data as well. Impressive? You bet. The music sounds great too and the raveMP has built in jacks for both line in and line out. The price...about 249 dollars. It's aimed at the high end of the market. Sensory Science made its name selling dual deck VCRs under the name Go Video.

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