Play Ball In Summer, Not Fall

<B>Rooney</B> Says Football Is The Fall Sport

I think I represent a lot of football fans when I say I resent baseball in October.

Football is the fall sport.

Major League Baseball teams have played a total of 2,430 games and they still don't know which team is best?

Baseball is a summer game. It should be over by Labor Day, but this year, they don't even start playing the World Series until Oct. 18. They call it the World Series, even though they don't let any other country in the world play - except Canada.

Japan wins the Little League championship just about every year. They have Major League Baseball, so why don't they let the Japanese play in the World Series? I'll tell you why they don't. The Japanese would probably win it, that's why. George Steinbrenner would commit hari kari.

The average baseball game lasts too long, too - more than three hours. And the seats are too hard to sleep in.

They even last too long for the players. Most pitchers don't last a whole game. Fewer that 5 percent of starting pitchers finished the game this season. The manager comes out in the seventh inning to tell the pitcher to get out.

One guy has thrown a five-ounce ball 60 feet, 80 times - and he's too exhausted to continue. They still pay him his full salary even though he only plays half a game. He probably wants to get home so he can count his money.

Maybe, they should change the rules and make a game seven innings long.

Baseball fans love numbers. If a player hits the ball once out of every four times he comes to bat, they say he's hitting 250 … 250 what?

There were 5,207 home runs hit during the regular season this year. In the 1938 season, there were only 1,475. There are more teams now but are the players better? No. That isn't what did it. In a lot of the ballparks, the outfield fence has been moved closer to the batter because people like to see home runs.

Those statistics are for all of you who like baseball fans who like them.