Place Your Bets, Or Bids

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As the nation waits to learn who its next president will be, there's still time to make a little hay on one of the tightest American elections in history.

A British Internet betting service was still taking bets Wednesday on the outcome of the race, which will not be announced until Florida conducts a recount of ballots, after first returns gave Texas Gov. George W. Bush an edge of less than 2,000 votes over Vice president Al Gore.

The firm Blue Square had Bush as the strong favorite to win the election at 5/2 on — if you put down five pounds you would get seven back including your stake — and Gore at 7/4.

Early Wednesday Gore called Bush to congratulate him after television networks declared Bush the winner but then retracted his concession after the vote count in the state of Florida became too close to call.

The Florida recount, which will decide the outcome of the election, is not expected to be concluded until Thursday evening. Absentee ballots and overseas votes must also be counted.

Meanwhile, reports CBS News Correspondent Sam Litzinger, oddsmakers slashed the odds on Hillary Rodham Clinton becoming U.S. president to 12/1 from 50/1 after the first lady was elected to the Senate from New York.

The Clintons' daughter, Chelsea, was also a contender for the top job at odds of 1000/1.

For those who don't wish to gamble on the race, there are other ways to remember it: Ebay is offering for auction more than 100 different newspapers with the headline "Bush Wins!", including the New York Post and the Kansas City Star.

Most television news networks and Web site, including CBS News and, declared Bush the winner early Wednesday before additional returns made it clear a recount was required under Florida law.