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w/end news -- 25-10-98


vo: The polls say three out of four Israelis support the deal cut at Wye
The ones who don't make the most noise...and represent the bedrock of Prime
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's power base.

SOT Settler (042247)- "He has betrayed his promise to the people who voted for
him." (4)

vo: But they don't pose the threat they like to...only small groups turned out
to block roads on the West Bank today.
And it wasn't all angry...although the message from the settler's leadership
for Netanyahu's homecoming was harsh.

SOT Elyakim Ha'Etzni, Jewish Settler leader -- "We do not regard Netanyahu
any more as the leader of the nationalist camp."

SOT Rabbi Eliezer Waldman (043931) -- "He is not a leader of the state of

(Bibi arrival)

vo: That wasn't the impression when Israeli Air Force one touched
With pomp and ceremony fit for a president never mind an embattled prime
minister of a shaky coalition government...Netanyahu and his negotiating team
played the deal as a victory only they could have achieved.
And as for right wing threats to bring down his government...Netanyahu said he
was not worried.

SOT Binyamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister (082515)

"I think they will have to come to a decision whether they want this government
or a government of the left to negotiate with the Palestinians. (7) They know
that we'll fight for every Israeli interest. We'll struggle for every inch of
land. (13) They cannot say that about the alternative." (15)

(Burning tyres etc in Palestinian areas)

vo: The Palestinian leadership has a fight on its hands too.
Protests over Palestinian police attempts to begin meeting their side of the
bargain by seizing unregistered weapons brought street clashes that left at
least two people hurt.

o/c: The violence on both sides is from a minority....however.
The deal is what the majority of both Palestinians and Israelis wanted...and
the overall feeling here is that come what's time to get on with the
job of making peace a reality.

A...P...CBS News, Tel Aviv