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Pittsburgh surveillance cameras shut down over unpaid bill

PITTSBURGH - Surveillance cameras were installed all over Pittsburgh with the aim of keeping citizens safe and reducing crime - but the city failed to pay a $195,000 maintenance fee and because of that, a lot of the cameras aren't working, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

According to the station, a contractor pulled the plug on many of the cameras due to the unpaid bill.

"It's a big concern," said Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto. "Anytime we spend a lot of money and buy equipment that's supposed to be used for the public, especially for public safety. It's not being turned on or used, it raises a lot of questions."

Mayor Peduto says the cameras help catch criminal suspects and also provide a sense of security and peace to the people of Pittsburgh.

In East Liberty, surveillance camera video captured a man accused in the deaths of two sisters, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Mayor Peduto says he doesn't have an explanation as to who failed to pay the maintenance fees.

The City Council was reportedly about to approve the money to turn the cameras back on.

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