Cops: Woman pulled gun on husband in bathroom dispute

The home in the Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh where police say a 60-year-old woman threatened to shoot her husband if he didn't open the bathroom door

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH - This couldn't possibly be considered good restroom etiquette.

A 60-year-old Pittsburgh woman is charged with attempting to kill her husband after he wouldn't open the bathroom door, according to police documents obtained by CBS Pittsburgh.

Valinda Holland was arrested Tuesday morning.

Thomas Holland told police he had slept in the garage the night before and went into the house to use the bathroom to shave when his wife, Valinda Holland, told him to open the door or she would put bullets through it.

According to the police documents, Thomas Holland opened the door to find her holding his pistol.

He claims his wife said, "You're lucky that didn't go off."

He says the two then scuffled before she left, and he called 911, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Police say Valinda Holland admitted she tried to kill her husband.

She was taken to the Allegheny County Jail.