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After fending off pirates, the crew of the Maersk Alabama returns home to the United States and a reunion with its kidnapped captain.

Satellite images from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research maps the areas where most Somali pirate attacks have occurred in recent years.

Piracy by the Numbers


pirate attacks in 2008. Seventy-nine attacks so far in 2009


miles of Somalia's coastline, the longest in Africa


countries that staff CTF-150, a multinational maritime security effort in the Horn of Africa. Six other nations have offered assistance at one time.

vessels seized in 2008; 19 hijackings so far in 2009


length in miles of the Gulf of Aden


tons of food shipped by the World Food Program to Somalia last year, most of it passing through the sea lane's danger zone.

ransom dollars paid
in 2008


ships that cross the Gulf every year.


Somalis fed by the World Food Program donations arriving by sea this year