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Pipe bombs found at DNC and RNC buildings were viable

Nearly four dozen arrested over Capitol riot
At least 13 Capitol rioters face federal charges 02:23

A law enforcement official told CBS News on Saturday that the explosive devices found Wednesday at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee were viable, although it's unclear how big they were or how much damage they could have done. The DNC and RNC headquarters are located just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, which was under siege from a pro-Trump mob on Wednesday.

Finding the culprit who planted the pipe bombs is a top priority for the FBI and all 56 field offices are involved in the investigation, the law enforcement official said. There are wanted posters and bus stop ads out featuring images of someone suspected of planting the bombs, and the agency posted the images on social media on Thursday.

The FBI said on Thursday that it is offering $50,000 for information "leading to the location, arrest, and conviction" of whoever is responsible.  

According to the FBI, "multiple law enforcement agencies received reports" of the explosives at around 1 p.m., roughly the the time that the riots at the Capitol began escalating as supporters of President Trump began breaching a barricade in front of the grounds. Capitol Police told CBS News they were responding at the height of the attack, and were thus stretched thin. 

The official said the FBI is aware of the chatter on Twitter about plans to attack state capitals on January 17, and are monitoring this and possible disturbances on other dates.

Andres Triay, Catherine Herridge, April Siese and Caroline Linton contributed to this report.

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